-- Seed Saving --

International Seed Saving Institute
Native Seeds
Abundant Life's World Seed Trade
How to Save Seeds
Seed Exchanges World Wide
Garden Exchanges /Trading and Swapping

-- Seed Banks + Libraries --

Millenium Seed Bank
Bay Area Seed Interchange Library
International Carnivorous Plant Society
San Diego Zoo Seed Banking

-- What is a Seed Bank --
Seed Bank Dynamics
Canadian Botanical Conservation Network


-- Art --

Green Museum


Global Exchange Zapatista Seed Saving
Preserve Seeds of Cultural Legacies
International Plant Genetics Treaty Goes Into Effect

-- Organic --

The National Organic Program
Organic Volunteers (WOOF)

-- Organizations --

Global Exchange
Abundant Life Seed Foundation

Action Bioscience
Earth Island Institute
Union of Concerned Scientists
Primal Seeds
Center for Ecoliteracy

-- Community Gardens --

American Community Garden Association
Community Gardens by State