USA in Three Words
USA in Three Words

Thomas Jefferson might have said, "Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness." Frederick Douglass might have said "Freedom. Equality. Opportunity." How would you describe America?

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Overheard Online

What does the Web say about America, patriotism, freedom and democracy?

  We the People

Introduction: What Does 'American' Mean to You?

America — "land of the free and home of the brave" — or is it? Is there any truth to the reputation? We went to the corners of the globe to find out what people think 'American' really means.

How They See Us: Our Intrepid Reporters Around the World Find Out

Our intrepid reporters take a spin around the globe to see what the world has to say about America.


In the days and months following the World Trade Center attacks, millions of people around the world stood in solidarity with Americans. Four years later, surveys show that anti-Americanism has reached unprecedented levels. What is changing? Is it American culture? Our economic policies? The Iraq War? Whatever the reasons, people around the world have plenty to say about America. Listen in as they sound off.

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