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I write extensively on national identity and reputation, and am the author of Brand America. I am the British Government’s advisor on Public Diplomacy, and I have advised the governments of many nations around the world.

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Bono and Brand Africa

May 26, 2006

Brand Africa, with its simple message of ongoing catastrophe, is promoted with skill, dedication, creativity and vast financial and media resources ... by aid celebrities like Bob Geldof and Bono. | MORE...

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Nation Branding

May 3, 2006


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"Why does Anholt say that nation branding is especially of "critical importance to developing nations?" It seems to imply that developing nations need to "appeal" or "sell" themselves to multi-national corporations in order to have economic development. As we've seen with recent events in South America (Chavez in Venezuela, the nationalizing of gas in Bolivia), not all "developing" nations want to hop onto the corporate bandwagon."

— Brett

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