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Production Credits

Katie Dellamaggiore

Katie Dellamaggiore
Nelson Dellamaggiore
Brian Schulz

Director of Photography
Brian Schulz

Nelson Dellamaggiore

Executive Producers
Geoff Gibson
Robert McLellan

Executive Producers
Julie Parker Benello
Wendy Ettinger
Judith Helfand

Co-Executive Producer
Neal Flaherty

Co-Executive Producer
Le CASTLE Film Works

Original Music
B. Satz

Consulting Editor for Chicken and Egg Pictures
Mary Manhardt

Outreach Director
Kali Holloway

BOND Strategy and Influence

Art Director
Katherine Kennedy

Animation Producer
Alex Krawitz

Main Title By
Dreamers Ink Aesthetics

Design and Animation
Mitchell Paone
Daniel Blanco
Scott Kawczynski

Assistant Editors
Brian Geubtner
Frank Kulow

Trailer Editor
Jacob Steingroot

Steadicam Operator
Casey Warren

Additional Camera
Danielle Krieger

Sean Dunckley

Color Correction
Company 3

Sound Editor & Mixer
Joseph Just

Copy Editor
Kali Holloway

Web Designers
Patrick Gilmour
James Richardson
Nabil Abou-Harb

Ariel Kalishman

Sarah Camiscoli
William Chilcoat
Kathryn Houghton
Sean McManus
Scott Rosenkrantz
Ananya Sundararajan

Production Accountant
Matthew F. Carbone, CPA

Adam J. Segal
Nancy Willen

Music Clearance
Mark Jean

Legal Services provided by
The Law Offices of Charles Tolbert

Transcription Services provided by
Transcription Studio

Production Insurance provided by
Dennis Reiff & Associates

Fiscal Sponsorship
International Documentary Association

Post Production Services provided by

“My Brain”
Performed by Mose Allison
Written by Mose Allison
From the album The Way Of The World
Published by Audre Mae Music/BMI
Courtesy of Anti-

“Protect the King”, “Drift On”
Written and Performed by John Forte
Courtesy of Le CASTLE Music Works

Additional Music
Ion Furjanic

Additional Composition
Mark Tewarson

Tarrah Reynolds

Johnathan Powell

Archival footage courtesy of
NBC Universal Archives
NY1 News
The New York Times
New York Post
New York Daily News
The Chess Drum
The United States Chess Federation

Film Subjects
Rochelle Ballantyne
James Black
Oghenakpobo Efekoro
Patrick Johnston
Alexis Paredes Toledo
Justus Williams
Elizabeth Spiegel
John Galvin
Fortunato Rubino
Michelle Brathwaite
Christiana Inuwere
Ovoie Inuwere
Lisa Johnston
Tommy Johnston
Viviana Paredes Toledo
Juan Paredes
Latisha Williams
Lionel Williams
Pamela Ballard

Special Thanks
Intermediate School 318
New York City Department of Education
The United States Chess Federation
Continental Chess Association
The Marshall Chess Club
Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis
Kasparov Chess Foundation
The University of Texas at Dallas
Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation
Afterschool Alliance
Ed and Diana Schulz
Nelson O. and Edna Dellamaggiore
Alex Stripunksy
Miron Sher
Greg Shahade
Maurice Ashley
Andrei Zaremba
Susan Polgar
James West
Robert West
Anna Lee
Diana Barrett
Sheila Leddy
Jess Search
Eric Windley
Peter Kelly
Mike Amoia
Anothony Amoia
Bijan Shams
Simeon Hunter
Dave Neustadter
David Feldman
Yancey Strickler
Thom Powers
Brian Levin
Bob Castrone
Itay Reiss
Jude Ray
Fernanda Rossi
Brad Schirmer

Production support provided by
Elliott Neff
Raphael Neff

Production funding provided by
The Charles Evans Foundation
Leontine Pictures
Kenneth Moody
Saudin Robovic
And others. A complete list available from PBS.

Brooklyn Castle is a production of Rescued Media NYC Inc. in association with Indelible Marks, Chicken and Egg Pictures, LeCASTLE Film Works and American Documentary | POV.

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV: Simon Kilmurry

This program was produced by Rescued Media NYC Inc. which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2012 by Rescued Media NYC Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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