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Film Update

Filmmaker Renee Tajima-Peña writes in with an update on Armando, Carlos and the rest of the Peña family.

  • September 16, 2008
Calavera Highway: Armando Pena, Gabe Tajima-Pena and Carlos Pena

(l-r) Armando Peña, Gabe Tajima-Peña and Carlos Peña

Armando continues to work for the city of Los Angeles helping to finance affordable housing developments and is a soccer dad on the weekends. He was referee for Gabe's American Youth soccer team. This year is the 40th anniversary of his participation in the 1968 Edcouch-Elsa High School walkouts.

Carlos continues to counsel migrant workers in the Rio Grande Valley. He visits Rosa in the mausoleum regularly.

Robert (Angleton, Texas) and Luis (Wasco, California) both walked their daughters down the aisle.

The making of the film seemed to break the ice between the brothers, and Luis has been in frequent contact with Armando and Carlos. Luis's daughter got married, and Armando was a padrino (best man) in the wedding.

Luis, Lupe and Raul have four new grandchildren between them.

Junior continues to work on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The brothers have yet to all get together for a reunion.

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