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Kazuhiro Soda explains he hopes the cinema vérité style of the Peabody award-winning Campaign will engage viewers in the story of Kazuhiko "Yama-san" Yamauchi.


This is democracy — Japanese style: the story of a man plucked from obscurity by the ruling political party to run for a critical city council seat.

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Filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda asks Kazuhiko Yamauchi about his new career in politics.

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City Councilman Kazuhiko Yamauchi talks about how he was a complete amateur at the start of his campaign.

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Japanese city council candidate Kazuhiko Yamauchi muses on the future of his political career.

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Japanese city council candidate Kazuhiko Yamauchi explains how he was interested in politics from an early age.

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Japanese city council candidate Yamauchi says his wife continues to pursue her career.

Classroom Clips

City council candidate Yamauchi receives the support of the Japanese prime minister.

Classroom Clips

City council candidate Yamauchi campaigns by repeating his name over and over again on a bullhorn.

  • Updated on March 25, 2015

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Film Information

Campaign (60 min.)

Premiere Date: July 29, 2008

Streaming Dates: Expired

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Filmmaker: Kazuhiro Soda Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: Fact Sheet | Critical Acclaim | Press Release


Kazuhiro Soda
Kazuhiro Soda

When I was shooting Campaign I wanted to be as invisible as possible. I wanted to be a fly on the wall.”

— Kazuhiro Soda, Filmmaker


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Critical Acclaim

Campaign may invite a certain skepticism about democracy, but it will surely restore your faith in cinema vérité.”

&mdash A.O. Scott
The New York Times

First feature docu by Gotham-based filmmaker Kazuhiro Soda is a wry, fly-on-the-wall look at local politics, Japanese style — and in particular, the mighty machine of the country's ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The result is an insightful, ironic portrait of campaigning at street level.”

&mdash Derek Elley

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