I’m Carolyn Parker: Credits

Directed and Produced by
Jonathan Demme

Produced by
Lindsay Jaeger
Daniel Wolff
Steve Apkon

Edited by
Ido Haar

Original Music by
Zafer Tawil

Jonathan Demme

Additional Camera
Anthony Calypso
Kathleen Corgan
Brooklyn Demme
Samantha Feltus
Abdul Franklin
Caroline Goodman-Thomases
Ido Haar
Lindsay Jaeger
Declan Quinn

Sound Mixer
Paul Urmson

Music Editor
Suzana Peric

Music Supervisor
Susan Jacobs

Todd Sandler
Glenn Allen

Executive Producers
Rocco Caruso
Abdul Franklin

Executive Producer American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Dedicated to Antoinette K-Doe (1943-2009)

Post-production Supervisor
Todd Sandler

Supervising Editor
Jenny McCormack

Assistant Editor
Caroline Goodman-Thomases

Additional Editing
Abdul Franklin
Jenny McCormack
Glenn Allen

Associate Producers
Dominick Balletta
Brian Ackerman

Tavis Smiley

Title Design by
Susan Kineke

Post-production Technical Advisor
Thom O’Connor

Production Associate
Shane Bissett

Color Grading by
Mega-Playground, NY

Ben Perez

Digital Imaging Producer
Cristina Esterás-Ortiz

Digital Imaging/Color Science
Terry Brown

Digital Imaging Advisor
Eitan Hakami

Zafer Tawil
Amir Elsaffar
Will Holshouser
Jennifer Vincent

Sound Engineer
Leslie Bloome
Joshua Cipolla

Assistant Sound Mixer
Larry Zipf

Assistant Music Supervisor
Jackie Mulheam

Art Department
Sung Hee Cho
Agatha Rybicki

Post-production Assistants
Chloe Zimmerman
Alexander White

Jenny Poplar
Kourtney Keller
Brooke Marin
Lucas Cantor
Zack Bernstein
Andy Cook
J. Amanda Sabater
Maral Satari

Archival Footage Research
Jill Cowan, Kunhardt McGee Productions

Legal Services
Karen Shatzkin

Archival Footage Courtesy of:
Eighth Coast Guard District External Affairs Office
ABCNEWS VideoSource
PBS NewsHour
TS Media, Inc.

Louisiana Story (1948)
Director: Robert J. Flaherty
Producer: Robert J. Flaherty
Production Company: Robert Flaherty Productions Inc.
Choir Songs:
“One Step”
“Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place”
“Walk In the Light”
“My Help Comes From The Lord”
“This Little Light of Mine”
“Take Me to the Water”
“My God, My God Why Have You Forsaken Me”
“Until My Savior Comes”
“Louie, Louie”

Special Thanks
Bethel Colony South
Rene Broussard
Bethany Bultman
Brandon Darby
Barry Eastmond
Charlie Griak
Anne Gisleson
Gary Goetzman
Eitan Hakami
Ron Harris

Special Thanks
Pastor Melvin Jones
Sakura Kone
Norman Lear
James McBride
Cyril Neville
Nitzan Ofir
Royce Osbourne
Abby Popper
Malik Rahim
Rob Sampogna

Special Thanks
George Sheanshang
Billy Sothern
Mary Spriggens
Mary Steenburgen
Sony Electronics
Leona Tate
Frank Vetere
Dr. Cornel West
The Zeitoun Family
Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center

Dennis Lee Addison
Kristian Rothaermel
Antoinette K-Doe
Father Joe Campion
Carolyn Parker
Kyrah Julian
Raymond Spriggens
Rahsaan Parker
Wayne A. Treaudo
Mary Croom
Pastor Melvin Jones
Clara Jones
Lars Kruckeberg
Dolores Cager
Antonia Cager
Jeff Owens “Jeff of All Trades”

Special Volunteer Thanks
Cynthia Lampers
Dorothy Sytsma
Gloria Werkhaven
Fred Zylstra
Jack Jansons
Angela Adams
Emma Raymor
Nicholas Dishman
A Clinica Estetico
Right 2 Return
Jacob Burns Film Center

Produced in Association with American Documentary | POV

Edited, Scored and Mixed at the
Jacob Burns Film Center

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