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Production Credits

Turtle in cage

Directed and produced by
Eric Daniel Metzgar

Produced by
Nell Carden Grey

Original music by
Eric Liebman

"Live Old"
Written by Dawn McCarthy
Performed by Faun Fables
© 2001 Dawn McCarthy

Additional photography by
Nell Carden Grey & John Hager

Additional music & voice-over engineer
Noe Venable

Food market footage courtesy of
Dr. William P. McCord

The filmmakers would like to thank Richard for sharing this story

Thanks also to:
Laura Mostello
Lisa Zwier
Bill Mullen & Moz
Laura Fawnsworth
Cris Hagen
Sharon Chancellor
Chris Tabaka, DVM
Darrell Senneke
Steve Bronson
Rick Hudson
Kurt Buhlmann
Tracie Tuberville
Chris Hobson
Greg Constantino
John & Harriet Forrester
Doug Hendrie
Ernst Baard
William Espenshade III
Heather Kalb
A.H.M. Ali Reza
Chuck Shaffer
Peter Pritchard
Susan Tiedeman
Nicole Burpo
Anders Rhodin
Charles Innis, DVM
Al Weinberg
Tire Service Man
Susan Donoghue
Sally & Charles Metzgar
Stephanie Claire Luzzi
Turtle Survival Alliance
Dana Payne
Steve Platt
Mitchell Greene
Mike Penko
Roger Thomas
Paul Sturtz
Robert Mead
Mark Breese
Matthew Ganong
Shiho Toyonaga
Scott Howard
Nimrod Varadi
Cathy Kanner
Julie Gaither
Carissa Potenza
Bo Mehrad
AIVFJaime Bernanke
John Hazard
Jeff Edrich
Laura Cromwell
John Mettam
Rebecca Martin
Kristen Harkey
Andy Sterling
Banjo & Batrille
Allen Salzberg
Richard Vogt
Paul Crow
April Johnson
John Behler
Hugh Quinn
Peter Praschag
Overton & Yolanda Ganong
Conrado & Nilda Cardenas
Production Attorney: Innes Smolansky, Esq.

This program is a co-production of Merigold Moving Pictures, LLC and Pigeon Post Pictures LLC which are solely responsible for its content.

© 2005 MerigoldMovingPictures,LLC.

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