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City of Cranes

Premiere Date: December 10, 2008


Production Credits

Mohamed Conteh
Jaime Lee
Darren Norris
Chris Patterson
Dave Perkins
Kevin Roberts
Anthony Scott
Danny Snook
Tim Snow
Simon Steane
Dave Stone
Michael Tanner

Eva Weber

Samantha Zarzosa

Emiliano Battista
Ariadna Fatjó-Vilas

Executive Producer
Henry Singer

Marcus Waterloo
Paul Barton
Suzie Lavelle
Per Tingleff

Sound Design
Adele Fletcher
Peter Baldock

Dubbing Mixer
Nick Roberts

David Schweitzer

Colourist/Online Editor
Patrick Morgan

Film Transfer
Sonny Sheridan

Location Sound
Colin Crockatt
Dave Sohanpal
Sean Poe

Production Assistant
Hannah Lovell
Gaby Saunders
Sandra Soler Peyton

Rebecca Yeoh
Rana Yousif

Edit Assistant
Robert Mila

Andrew Barker
Ed Carke
Giles Mckean
Adam Phillips
Rui Telmo Romao

Still Photographers
Christopher Myhill
Will Martin

Web/Graphic Design
Hazel Gale Lydia Durkin

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What I didn't realize was that making this film might actually take longer than it would for the crane drivers to put up a 50-story building.”

— Eva Weber, Filmmaker

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