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She Shorts: Cuba 15

PBS Premiere: August 4, 1998


A selection of hypnotically engaging short films by and about women that delve into the elation, passion and pain of contemporary female experience. From a vivacious celebration of coming of age in Elizabeth Schub's Cuba 15, to darkly drawn cycles of domestic trauma in Repetition Compulsion by Ellie Lee, to an evocative portrait of acclaimed author Dorothy Allison in Two or Three Things But Nothing For Sure by Tina DeFeliciantonio and Jane C. Wagner, this collection of cinematic gems offers vivid and lyrical pictures of joy, endurance and inspiration.


TAGS: adolescence, age, girl, maturity, shorts, teenagers, women

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Film Information

She Shorts: Cuba 15

Premiere Date: August 4, 1998

Filmmaker: Elizabeth Schub | Interview


Elizabeth Schub
Elizabeth Schub

I think there are not a lot of images of Cuba, and specifically, the images we have of Cuba, or the information we have from Cuba usually focuses on things that are exclusively political. And I think this offers audiences a way of understanding, learning or experiencing something having to do with life in Cuba that is apart from the politics.”

— Elizabeth Schub, Filmmaker


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