Dance for Me

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Film Update

In July 2014, POV caught up with Katrine Philp, the filmmaker of Dance for Me, to find out what's happened since the camera stopped rolling.

What's happened in the careers of the young dancers, Egor and Mie? Where are they today?

When the movie ended, Mie and Egor were in a good period of their partnership. They had good results and improved their dancing. They just got home from the world championship in China, were they finished in the semifinal.

But shortly after the movie was finished, Egor and Mie got into a hard period, with bad results and the dance stopped to improve.

Mie decided that she needed something new in her dancing in order to improve. Therefore, Mie stopped the partnership with Egor. This was a very hard decision for her because there are so many aspects there are involved. Egor had to find a new dance partner in order to stay in Denmark, he also had to find another place to live and find out how to continue school. Egor had a lot at stake but fortunately he shortly after the brake found a new dance partner in Denmark.

Now Mie is 17 and Egor is 18.

Since August 2013, Egor has been dancing with the Danish girl, Evangeline, and is now living with her family. Mie and Egor are still dancing in the same dance club and they get along fine. Egor is happy with his new partner. Egor just finished his IB in a International School in Denmark and is eager to study more.

Mie got a partner from Spain, Pablo, but that was a very short partnership, they only danced together for five months. They split because they had two different ways of dancing and could not really make them fit together. Mie is now searching for a new partner, and hopefully there will be one soon. Mie is studying in a high school for sports athletes, it gives her the possibility to study and still have time to practice hard and long. Mie is very happy and excited about the fact that she can study and still have time to do what she love the most — dancing.

Both Mie and Egor are still very dedicated and determined to reach the top.


Egor and Evangeline

  • 4th place under 21 at the Danish Championship.
  • 1st place in youth at the Danish championship.
  • 33rd place in youth under 21 at the World Championship 2014.

Pablo and Mie

They did not get to do so many competitions, because it was a very short partnership.

  • 1st place in Ancona Open 2013.
  • 3rd place in under 21 at the Danish Championship.

POV: Have the dancers and their families watched the film?

Both Mie and Egor and their families have watched the film and they all liked it very much, especially Egor. He totally loved the film and that reaction was very important for me. He sees himself in the film and he had the feeling that we had seen him the right way. That reaction is the utmost compliment I can get as a filmmaker and it makes me feel that I have made and honest and true film. And that is important.

POV: What are you working on next?

I have just got back from maternity leave and I am now starting up a documentary film company, Good Company Pictures, with some very good colleagues. The company is based in Copenhagen but the idea is to make creative documentaries with an international point of view. I have several films in development and hopefully there will be a new premiere next year...

I love to work with documentary films. It opens up the world to me. Imagine how many people that have spectacular stories within them... it is a lot. And the world is my playground and work area — that is unique. I approach my films in pretty much the same way. Whether it is dancers or refugees, it is about meeting unique individuals. I always have a personal approach to my films and I can not imagine not making films — I would miss something very important in my life then.

I am very honored to be a part of POV and to reach out for the American audience. It is a great opportunity for me especially because Dance For Me is my debut feature length documentary film.