Dance for Me

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Take Action

Find out what types of opportunities are available to young people in your community who want to learn to dance and/or participate in dance competitions. Hold a fundraiser to increase the available opportunities or to sponsor those who have the talent and drive to compete.

Mie and Egor demonstrate what it is possible to achieve when there is enough passion, drive and commitment. Imagine if you and your group applied that level of passion to making your community better. Brainstorm what you might do and then commit to acting on one or two of the ideas.

The ballroom dancing competitions featured in the film require competitors to have a specific "look" that includes make-up and hairstyle, as well as costumes. Research the history of these requirements and the values they are intended to express. Discuss what you find and whether or not the values are those that you hope young people will embrace. Work with youth competition organizers to create events that reflect the messages you support.

Consider becoming a "host family" for a visiting student or athlete from another country. If hosting is not possible, investigate opportunities for participating in other forms of cultural exchange.