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Disturbing the Universe: Hate Mail - Waking Up Silent Majority letter

Oberlin Ohio    
March 17, 1970 

Attorney Kunstler:

There was an article in our local newspaper, the "Lorain Journal" concerning your activities. I have been reading of your disgraceful actions at the Chicago Trial and I feel you are a disgrace to your profession.

You and the other scum you defend are traitors to our country, and should be treated as such. Yes, I mean placed before a firing squad and shot. I am sure there are millions feel as I do. Will not sign my name as I am sure you would have one of your anarchist pals bomb my home and family.

One of the (waking up)    
Silent Majority    

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When people had issues with him or disagreed with him, there were protests on the street in front of our house. There were neighbors who said nasty things to him in front of us ... People called on the phone and said nasty things, and sometimes Emily or I would answer. ”

— Sarah Kunstler, Filmmaker

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