Filmed and Directed by
Amy Hardie

Cameron Duguid

Aerial Photography
Jim Hardie Aerolab

Music and Sound Design
Gunnar Oskarsson

Production assistants
Katia Hervy
Lili Sandelin
Amy Rose

Colin Andrews
Marian Stoica

Amy Hardie
Ian Dodds
Hardie family

Film Editor
Ling Lee

Additional and Supervising Editors
Colin Monie
Michael Culyba

Digital Colorist
Rob May

Dubbing Mixer
Paul Mcfadden

Online Editors
Myfanwy Harris
James Ballard

Jim Sutherland

Eli Hardie Howes

"Little Bitty Pretty Things"
Thurston Harris
EMI Music publishing

"Ice Breaker"
"Last Song"
Gunnar Oskarsson

"Ali Baba"
Treasure Isle

Digital Intermediate
Dragon Di

Sound Post Facility
Bang Post Production

Final Postproduction
Envy and Metro Ecosse

Amy Hardie
George Chignell
Doug Block
Lori Cheatle

Executive Producer for Channel Four
Tabitha Jackson

Executive Producer for VPRO
Barbara Truyen

Executive Producer for Scottish Screen
Robbie Allen

Business Affairs for Scottish Screen
Linda Mcclure

Executive Producer for ZDF/Arte
Doris Hepp

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Thanks to
Professor Irving Weissman
Alistair Morrison
Max Richter
Dr Watts
Fiona Clark
Dr Simpson
Dr Hirani
Dr Mark Solms
Claudia Goncalves
Dr Arnie Mindell
Phyllida Anamaira
Professor Adam Zeman
Peter Kravitz
Lotte Kravitz
Nell Kravitz
Arthur Howes
Gwen Hardie
Jim Hardie
Ann Thorpe
Jane Butler-Cole
Marjorie Stevenson
Laura Irvine
Colin Hall
Hazel Baillie
Lou McLoughlan
Glenis and Miles Postlethwaite
Heather and Pete Ritchie
Stuart and Catriona Delves
Kitti and Maarten Van Ramshorst
Craig Hutchison
Pat Whitcombe
Ronnie Gray
Joss James
Sally Charlton
Jackie Fisher
Barrie Thorpe
Jeremy Leathart
Leonie Alexander
Gerda Stevenson
Yulie Mahr
Jane Balfour
Sandra Whipham
Lou McLoughlan
Brian Harvey
Maja Borg
Graeme Rogers
Emma Davie
Clare Blackburn
Scott Murray (snake handler)
Bryan Tweddle (snake sculptor)
Tracey Fearnehough
Fiona Reid
Noe Mendelle
Brent McGregor

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This program was produced by Amy Hardie/Passion Pictures/Hardworking Movies which is solely responsible for its content.