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POV offers free resources for educators, including 200+ online film clips connected to 100+ standards-aligned lesson plans, discussion guides and reading lists. Registered educators can use any of 80+ full-length films in the classroom for free through our documentary lending library.
Lesson Plans: All Subjects (All Grades)

Tea Time
Tea Time as Ritual

In this lesson, students look at tea time rituals either from around the world or in their lives. They explore the cultural and historic origins of these traditions, along with their social value and impact.

Grade Levels: 6-8th Grade / 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Language Arts / Social Studies

Return to Homs
News Writing, Target Audience and the Syrian Conflict

Students will assume the role of a foreign correspondent, reporting on events in Syria for particular target audiences. By the end of the activity, they'll understand the role that target audience plays in how news is reported, and how their policy positions are influenced by that reporting.

Grade Levels: 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Civics / Current Events / Government / Media Literacy / World History

Web Junkie
Investigating Internet Addiction

This lesson uses Web Junkie as a springboard for a project-based research exercise, assigning students to investigate whether Internet addiction is a problem in their community.

Grade Levels: 6-8th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Current Events / Health / Language Arts / Media Literacy / Social Studies / Sociology

Tough Love
Child Welfare and the Assessment of "Good Parenting"

In this lesson, students examine what "good parenting" is and who can make that call, with an emphasis on child welfare agencies that decide whether children can remain with their parents.

Grade Levels: 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Civics / Law / Social Studies / Sociology

The Overnighters
Evaluating Political Arguments with Community-Based Evidence

Providing students with the skills to evaluate and analyze political speech is a natural way to merge the goals of civics education with CCSS ELA and NCSS C3 standards.

Grade Levels: 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Civics / Economics / Geography / Social Studies / Sociology / U.S. History

Out in the Night
The Role of Storytelling in the Justice System

This lesson uses media analysis, group discussion and persuasive writing to help students make sense of the legal reality.

Grade Levels: 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Civics / Education / Law / Media Literacy / Multiculturalism / Social Studies

The Act of Killing
The Banality of Evil and Modern Atrocities

In this lesson, students will consider Arendt's concept of "the banality of evil" in the case of the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965-66.

Grade Levels: 11-12th Grade / College/Adult
Subjects: Current Events / Geography / History / International / Language Arts / Philosophy / Political Science / Psychology

The Qualities of a Politician

In this lesson, students examine the qualities of a politician to determine which characteristics the most effective political leaders possess.

Grade Levels: 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Current Events / Government / Language Arts / Political Science / Social Studies

The Genius of Marian
The Art of Caregiving

In this lesson, students delve into the role of family members acting as caregivers for those who are ill, elderly, disabled or otherwise not able to care for themselves regularly and efficiently.

Grade Levels: 9-10th Grade / 11-12th Grade
Subjects: Health / Language Arts / Psychology / Social Studies