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Expert Roundtable: Changing the System

P.O.V. asked a roundtable of election experts: What's the one thing that you would do to improve the accuracy, access to and efficiency of the election system in America? They weigh in with suggestions for improvements at the polls.

Robert Pastor

Director, Center for Democracy and Election Management at American University

Robert PastorThere are so many problems with America's electoral system that it is not easy to know exactly where to begin, but if I had only one choice, I would recommend that all of the states establish a nonpartisan, independent, and professional election commission to conduct all of the elections in a state, to integrate the registration list and keep it up-to-date, to maintain voting machines, and to train poll workers.

For more information on this, including a draft bill for states to consider enacting, visit the Center for Democracy and Election Management's website.

Robert Pastor is the director of the Center for Democracy and Election Management at American University. He is also the vice president of International Affairs and a professor of International Relations at American University. The Center for Democracy and Election Management trains students, political leaders, journalists, and election managers from the United States and abroad.

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