Directed and Produced by
Natalia Almada

Associate Producers
Tita Productions
Les Films D'ici

Director of Photography and Editor
Natalia Almada

Julien Devaux

Sound Designer
Alejandro de Icaza

Production Assistant
Ramiro Rodríguez

Editing Consultants
Francis Alÿs
Shannon Kennedy
Sam Pollard

Assistant Sound Editors
Gerardo Trigueros
Ricardo Castañeda

On Line
Final Frame

Kent Rogowski

"Cancion Del Alma"
Composed by Rafael Hernández Marín
Courtesy of AFRS

"Pavido Navido"
Composed by Santos Espinoza Lara
Courtesy of Emi Musical Sa De CV

"El Sinaloense"
Composed By Severiano Briseño
Courtesy Of Promotora Hispanoamericana de

"Te Vas Angel Mio"
Composed By Cornelio Reyna
Courtesy of Reyna Musical

We regret not being able to identify all the songs.
Thank you to the musicians at the cemetery.

Archival News Clips
Courtesy of Televisa

Special Thanks
United States Artists
MacDowell Colony

Thank You
Jesus Almada
Jorge Almada
Francis Alÿs
Ivan Boccara
Christophe Bouffil
Pamela Echeverría
Cristina Ibarra
Bani Khoshnoudi
Mary Lampson
Michel Lipkes
Roberto Lopez
Rafael Ortega
Otoniel Osvaldo Ochoa
Debra Zimmerman

Legal Consultation
Karen Shatzkin

Fiscal Sponsorship
Women Make Movies

International Sales Agent
Doc and Films

Icarus Films

Executive Producer for American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Executive Producer for LPB
Patricia Boero and Luis Ortiz

Funding Provided by
Sundance Institute Documentary Fund
Jan Vrijman Fund
Charles Schultz
New York State Foundation for the Arts
Chicken and Egg Pictures
The Adrienne Shelly Foundation
Région Provence Alpes Cotes d'Azur

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