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Happy Winter Delve Deeper Reading List

Nonfiction for Younger Readers

First Words – Italian: 100 Italian Words to Learn. Lonely Planet Kids, 2018.

Bring the Italian language to life with this beautifully illustrated children's book from Lonely Planet Kids, an imprint of Lonely Planet, the world's leading travel guide and phrasebook publisher. Perfect for the whole family, First Words Italian features 100 words to use while traveling, from food and transport, to animals and weather. Each word is accompanied with a bold illustration and a simple pronunciation guide to make the vocabulary fun and easy to learn. Plus, its small size makes it a handy addition to any trip to Italy.

Blashfield, Jean F. Italy. (Enchantment of the World series). Scholastic, 2014.

With settlements that date back thousands of years, Italy is home to some of the oldest cities on Earth. Readers will explore this fascinating nation and take a close look at everything from its many recognizable landmarks to its world-famous cuisine. They will travel back to the days of ancient Rome to get a glimpse of Italy’s origins and then zoom forward to see how the country’s people live today.

Simmons, Walter. Italy. Bellweather Media, 2012.

Sticking out into the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has some of the nicest weather in Europe. It is famous for its art, architecture, and cuisine. Readers will discover the physical geography of Italy through descriptions of the landscape, waters, and coasts. They will also learn about the cultural geography of Italy, reading about Italian schools, businesses, and communities.