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  • Lesson plan
  • Grades 11-12,
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  • Grades 9-10

We Are The Radical Monarchs Lesson Plan: Youth Leadership in Action

Film Clips

Clip 1: Why Girls of Color? (24:12-27:59, length: 3:47 min.)

The clip begins at 24:12 minutes with FOX News covering the story on the Radical Monarchs and ends at 27:59 with De’Yani talking about doing more than selling cookies.

We find out that Radical Monarchs receive a backlash of negative media attention following their activism and participation around the Black Lives Matter movement. The group endures threats and name-calling while Monarchs and a Monarch parent talk about the power of having a space that centers young girls of color and their experiences.

Clip 2: Intersectional Feminism (1:18:35 – 1:20:05, length 1:30 min.)

The clip begins at 1:18:26 with a helicopter in the sky then the camera pans to a huge crowd of people waiting for the women's march to start. The clip ends with Radical Monarchs and their families gathering in a huddle and putting their hands in the middle.

Marilyn Hollinquest, one of the co-founders of the Radical Monarchs, is yelling a call and response chant out to the Radical Monarchs as they hold a banner during the women’s march. Two Radical Monarchs are seen holding signs that say #NotMyPresident and #ThisMonarchGrabsBack. The Radical Monarchs chant “When Black Lives are under attack, what do we do, fight back, fight back”.

Clip 3: Monarchs Take On State Capitol (1:21:36 – 1:27:21, length 6:00 min.)

The clip begins at 1:21:36 with a Radical Monarch troop meeting about their new badge & unit “Radical Advocacy” and ends at 1:27:21 with an image of the new “Radical Advocacy” badge being placed on a Radical Monarch vest.

The Radical Monarchs begin to embark on their last badge entitled “Radical Advocacy”. As a part of this badge/unit, Monarchs choose 3 issues that are affecting them and their communities to discuss with legislators at the California State Capitol. Once at the Capitol, Monarchs meet with legislators and share their concerns and ideas for policy changes and are inspired about their futures in political office.

About the authors

Marilyn Hollinquest

Marilyn Hollinquest, Co-Founder of the Radical Monarchs, is a social justice advocate who specializes in young women of colors empowerment. She has 15 plus years of experience as a teacher, community advocate and scholar. Marilyn received her M.A in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State University, and B.A in Community Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz. Marilyn is passionate about the marriage of theory and practice (praxis) which is at the core of her commitment to the authentic inclusion of disenfranchised peoples. She currently builds radical community in her chosen home of Oakland, CA and is a proud Tulare, CA native.

Anayvette Martinez

Anayvette Martinez Co-Founder of the Radical Monarchs is a San Francisco native and child of Central American immigrants. Anayvette's varied interests in advocacy, community organizing and empowerment led her to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles and later her Master's degree at San Francisco State University in Ethnic Studies. Over the past fifteen years she has developed and managed education, social justice, and gendered support programs focused on empowerment and safety for youth, families and their adult allies. Anayvette currently lives and loves in East Oakland with her two children.