Fallen City

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Written, Produced & Directed By
Qi Zhao

Director Of Cinematography
Shaoguang Sun

Sound Recordist
Liming Fan

Peicong Meng
Matthieu Laclau

Lixin Fan

Executive Producers
Michelle Ho
Peter Wintonick

Camera Operators
Xiaoyu Niu
Fan Bai

Assistant Editors
Xiaoyu Niu
Yuan Fang

Sound Editor
Yao Yin

Sound Coordinator
Zhixin Chu

Production Assistants
Pingping Yang
Haiyan Feng
Baosen Luo
Jianwei Xu
Liang Chen
Yi Han

Original Music By
Arvo Part
Qiang Lin

Funding Provided By
Xuehai Wang
Jan Vrijman Fund
Sundance Documentary Film Program
Knowledge Network
Huace Media

Commissioning Editor For Nhk
Ken-ichi Imamura

Executive Producer For Itvs International
Sally Jo Fifer

Executive Producer For American Documentary | POV
Simon Kilmurry

Co-executive Producer For American Documentary | POV
Cynthia Lopez

Fallen City Is A Co-production Of Qi Zhao, Nhk And Itvs International
In Association With Ikon And American Documentary | POV.

This Program Is Produced By Qi Zhao
Who Is Solely Responsible For Its Content.

©2013 Qi Films