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Fallen City #fallencity

Premiere Date: July 28, 2014

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Partner Toolkit

Everything you need to host a screening of Fallen City.


Website: Visit the filmmaker's website at

Host a Screening - For Free!

Join POV's Community Network to borrow Fallen City for free screenings in your community, classroom, staff trainings, or workshops.

There are just a few quick steps to register your screening and borrow the DVD:

  • REGISTER: Join the POV Community Network.
  • ACTIVATE: Check your inbox for an activation link and temporary password (email if you do not receive this email).
  • REQUEST: Log in to your POV account and click "Create an Event" to register your screening(s) and request the film.
  • SCREEN: We'll send the DVD to you about one month prior to your event, then you send it back to us after the event. It's that easy!

Screening Toolkit


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Promote Your Screening

Find everything you need to promote your event, from tools to alert your local press, to an easy flyer template you can fill-in and print.

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Help spread the word about the Fallen City by tweeting about it! Be sure to include @povengage and the hashtag #fallencity.

We've even put together some sample tweets for you below:

Take an intimate look at one of China's most devastating quakes with #fallencity @povengage

A story of destruction and rebuilding, loss and love. #fallencity @povengage

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