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Hear what people have to say about the personal impact of national politics and Farmingville..

Filmmaker Interviews

Tambini and Sandoval explain how Farmingville, their 2004 film about new immigrants in Long Island, is really the story of the making of America.


The shocking hate-based attempted murders of two Mexican day laborers catapult a small Long Island town into national headlines, unmasking a new front line in the border wars: suburbia.

  • Updated on March 31, 2014

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Film Information

Farmingville (90 min.)

Premiere Date: June 22, 2004

Trailer: Link | Embed

Filmmakers: Carlos Sandoval, Catherine Tambini Bio | Interview | Statement


Carlos Sandoval
Carlos Sandoval
Catherine Tambini
Catherine Tambini

Film Update

Critical Acclaim

Farmingville is a primer for anyone — whether lawmaker or citizen — who cares to better understand the usually unseen cost of America's appetite for cheap labor.”

— Carolyn Curiel,
The New York Times

Farmingville ...should become required viewing for every decision-maker and local official in the State of New York.”

Newsday editorial

It has something illuminating to say to every faction depicted or alluded to in its 86 minutes: the rabidly resistant, the blindly tolerant and, perhaps most of all, the big-picture leaders who need to see — and sweat — the small stuff.”

— Noel Holston, Newsday

It may well be the most important film to debut at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is Farmingville, a hard-hitting documentary about the impact of illegal aliens on one small New York community. ...It is an absolutely terrific documentary on a complex, difficult subject. ...and allows us to get to know all sides of this dispute.”

— Lou Dobbs, Lou Dobbs Tonight, CNN

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