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Margaret Bianculli-Dyber

Margaret Bianculli-Dyber is a New York City high school teacher and resident of Farmingville. She helped found Sachem Quality of Life, an activist group of residents who want to rid the town of illegal Mexican immigrants. Bianculli-Dyber testified before Congress in 1999 about illegal immigration. She reached out to national immigration control groups who eventually involved themselves with Farmingville.

Paul Tonna

Paul Tonna at the time of filming was the Presiding Officer of the Suffolk County Legislature. He is a Republican and the father of six children: one biological, one of Native American descent and four of Mexican descent. He is a successful businessman and a theologian by training. As a result of his position in support of the day laborers, he and his family were threatened with violence.


Louise is a Farmingville resident and middle-of-the-road impromptu spokesperson for the residents of Farmingville. She walks through her neighborhood talking about what has happened to Farmingville. She attended early meetings of the SQL but found their rhetoric inflammatory. She is strongly driven by concern for her 75-year-old mother who lives next door to a single-family house with over 30 men living in it.

Darren Sandow

Darren Sandow is a passionate advocate for the immigrants. He is a founding member of Brookhaven Citizens for Peaceful Solutions, the group formed as an alternative to Sachem Quality of Life. His involvement with Farmingville dates back to 1998; when day laborers were evicted from their home, Sandow helped secure aid for them.

Matilde Parada

Matilde Parada is a refugee from El Salvador where she was a community activist working with Archbishop Romero's organization. She is a founder of Human Solidarity, a day-laborer-based immigrant advocacy group.


Eduardo is an immigrant from Mexico City. Essentially orphaned as a child, he is a self-made man. He worked his way up to supervisor in a Mexico City printing press warehouse. He started the soccer league with Matilde.

An Independent Television Service (ITVS) and Latino Public Broadcasting (LPB) co-presentation. An Active Voice selection. A 2004 Election Issue Special.

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