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Slawomir Grünberg

Slawomir Grünberg is a documentary producer, director, cameraman, and editor whose work has frequently appeared on PBS. He received an Emmy Award for his first POV presentation, School Prayer: A Community at War. He is a graduate of the prestigious Polish Film School in Lodz, Poland and emigrated from Poland to the US in 1981. He has since shot and produced over 40 television documentaries. His independent works focus on critical social and political issues and have won him international recognition. Slawomir has also been a contributing director of photography and editor for the PBS' series: Frontline, NOVA, American Masters, AIDS Quarterly with Peter Jennings, Health Quarterly, People's Century, Lifetime Channel and HBO.


Jane Greenberg

Jane Greenberg received a Masters Degree in Communications from Cornell University, where she produced and directed two award-winning films: Ned, the story of one woman's struggle with breast cancer and Second Generation, awarded First Prize at the Carolina Film and Video Festival and Third Prize at the Visions of U.S. contest. She served as Associate Producer for School Prayer: A Community at War.

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