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Film Update

Find out what's happened to Olde Towne East and its residents since filming wrapped on Flag Wars. Warning: spoilers ahead.

  • July 17, 2003

New people continue to buy and renovate houses in the Olde Towne East/Near Eastside neighborhood.

In April 2003, there was another robbery at the local gay bar.

Nina Masseria (thumb)Nina Masseria
Nina continues to live in the neighborhood where she has resided for the past 23 years. She continues to operate Carriage Trade Reality, which she co-founded in 1989.

Nina remains active in the community. She serves on the Board of Trustees of the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association (OTENA). Nina is also a member of the Neighborhood Research Institute (NRI), a community-based education and policy advocate organization working for successful economically-mixed neighborhoods.

Chief Baba Olugbala Shango Obadena (thumb)Chief Baba Olugbala Shango Obadena
Baba continues to operate the William H. Thomas Art Gallery from his home on Bryden Road, which he supports through his work as a union plumber. Baba's court case took three years to resolve and cost him $10,000. Baba is renovating a second house he owns on Bryden Road which he plans to rent when renovations are completed.

Baba is the Board President of Southside Settlement House, and he sits on the Planning Committee of the Near East Area Commission (NEAC). Baba will travel to Nigeria next August for the official ceremony to become a Chief.

His sign remains above his door.

Linda R. Mitchell (thumb)Linda R. Mitchell
Linda died in her home in May, 2002. She was 39 years old. Linda's brother, David Mitchell, with administrative assistance from the City of Columbus' Historic Preservation Office, sold the house through a closed bidding process to a black developer who plans to restore the house to its original design.

Jim Yoder (thumb)Jim Yoder
After buying his house in 1998 for $30,000, Jim invested another $80,000 to make it habitable. It is still incomplete. He is taking a break from renovating until the end of the year.

Jim works double-shifts as a respiratory therapist to finance the renovations.

Jim is currently writing a script for a situation-comedy about a gay man who moves to the city and renovates a house.

Judge Richard C. Pfeiffer (thumb)Judge Richard C. Pfeiffer
In 2003, Judge Pfeiffer was appointed District Attorney for the City of Columbus. He no longer presides over Columbus' Environmental Court.

Floyd Goode (thumb)Floyd and Josephine Goode
Floyd and Jo continue to live on Fair Avenue where they have lived since they bought their house in 1946. Floyd continues to volunteer at Champion Middle School, his alma mater, and the King Center Art Complex located in the neighborhood.

Floyd and Josephine celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary in June, 2003.

Chuck Spingola (thumb)Chuck Spingola
Chuck continues to minister and travel with his family throughout the country.

In 2001, Chuck was acquitted of charges against him for burning the Gay Pride Flag. In 2003, Chuck's acquittal was overturned by a state appeals court, which ruled that the flag burning was not protected under the First Amendment.

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New people continue to buy and renovate houses in the Olde Towne East/Near Eastside neighborhood.”

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