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Beyond Gentrification: Roundtable of Experts

A group of community development professionals and activists discusses urban planning, "smart growth," dealing with sprawl, and how communities can avoid falling victim to their own success. How can urban (and rural) communities handle development without displacing long-time residents?

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Brad Lander t.gif Brad Lander
Executive Director, The Fifth Avenue Committee
Brad leads FAC, a non-profit, community-based organization of neighbors working for social and economic justice in South Brooklyn.
Jill Slater t.gif Jill Slater
Planner, San Francisco Planning Department
Jill works with the city of San Francisco, addressing the balance between jobs, housing and the creation of streets at a human scale.
Joe Molinaro t.gif Joe Molinaro
Manager, Smart Growth Programs, National Association of Realtors
Joe oversees training, technical assistance on land use regulation, research and support to NAR's Smart Growth legislative agenda.
Mtamanika Youngblood t.gif Mtamanika Youngblood
Former Executive Director, Historic District Development Corporation
Mtamanika led HDDC, an Atlanta nonprofit, in promoting innovative strategies for revitalization through historic preservation and mixed-income development.
Radhika K. Fox t.gif Radhika K. Fox
Senior Program Associate, PolicyLink
Radhika works on Equitable Development initiatives, providing successful community building tools to people around the country.
Theresa Singleton t.gif Theresa Singleton
Research and Information Director, Housing Assistance Council
Theresa directs research for HAC, a national nonprofit dedicated to addressing housing conditions in rural America.

Harold Simon
Harold Simon is director of the National Housing Institute and editor of Shelterforce Magazine. He joined NHI in 1993 following a career in business and publishing. Shelterforce, the national journal now in its 28th year, is the nation's oldest continually-published housing and community development magazine.

Learn more about the National Housing Institute and Shelterforce Magazine at

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