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Premiere Date: August 23, 2011


Production Credits

Written, Directed and Animated by
Andrea Dorfman

Annette Clarke

Andrea Dorfman

Music theme
Written by Julia Kent
Used by permission Julia Kent
© All rights reserved

Sound Design and additional music
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
© 2009 National Film Board of Canada (SOCAN)

The PerlGrubs

Digital Image Supervision
Susan Gourley

Digital Image Consultants
Chris Darlington
Sam Decoste
Charles Jannasch

On-line editor
Francoise Laprise

Sound mixer
Serge Boivin

Special thanks to
Denyse Dorfman for a box of paints
and Michael Dorfman for a camera

Also thanks to
Brian Duchsherer
Bridget, Caitlin and Megan Clarke
Cindy Witten
Colin MacKenzie
Dave, Max and Sydney Hayden
Gillian Frise
Jason Levangie
Jennifer Deyell
Marc Bertrand
Martine Chartrand
Michael Fukushima
Mireille Potvin
Patsy Coughran
Paul Clarke
Sook-Yin Lee
Walter Forsyth

Lyly Fortin

Technical coordinator
Steve Hallé

Production supervisor
Candice Desormeaux

Production coordination
Vanessa Larsen
Stephanie Coolen

Marketing Manager
Amy Stewart Gallant

Centre administrator
John William Lutz

Executive Producer
Kent Martin

A Production of Atlantic Centre
The National Film Board of Canada

© 2010 The National Film Board of Canada

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