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Bloggers from around the country are joining the Food, Inc. potluck party! Visit these sites for more food, more recipes and more thoughts on healthy and sustainable eating for you and your family.

We'll be updating this page with more sites in the coming weeks, so check back for more great food sites as you get ready to host your own potluck.

Food, Inc.: 30 Bucks a Week30 Bucks a Week
This blog is an attempt to document spending $30 a week on groceries for two people living in Brooklyn, NY (yes, $15 each). While we're trying to squeeze all of our weekly home-cooked meals with that $30, we still go out to eat once in a while. It's still unclear what we'll do about cooking for dinner parties... All the meals featured here are 100% vegetarian, though they will often feature eggs and dairy.


Food, Inc.: About Cooking for KidsAbout Cooking for Kids
Stephanie Gallagher of About Cooking for Kids is an award-winning journalist, food writer, author of four books and mother of two. When she isn't in the kitchen developing new recipes, she can be found poring over cookbooks or browsing the aisles of local food stores and farmer's markets for the latest and greatest kitchen products and foods to share with her readers.


Food, Inc.: Coconut and Lime BlogCoconut & Lime
Rachel Rappaport is a Baltimore based recipe developer and food writer. She spends her days developing recipes for companies and her blog Coconut & Lime, giving cooking demonstrations, and writing about food for online and print publications. She writes a bimonthly local and seasonal food column in Taste of the Bay magazine and her first cookbook will be out in August 2010.


Food, Inc.: Compassionate CooksCompassionate Cooks is dedicated to empowering people to make informed
food choices and to debunking myths about vegetarianism and animal
rights. We offer people the tools and resources they need
to prevent disease, optimize their health and create new habits
that benefit the earth and all its inhabitants.


Food, Inc.: Cooks AppealCook Appeal
Chef E Stelling hails from Texas, but now works as a consultant/chef in New Jersey. She is also a food poet and was featured on Crops To Cuisine Radio in Boulder Colorado. She writes locally on wine publications. Cook Appeal features food that "plays with flavors" and wine pairings.


Food, Inc.: Earth EatsEarth Eats
A weekly podcast, public radio program and blog that brings you the freshest news and recipes inspired by local food and sustainable agriculture, Earth Eats aims to help people feel more connected to their food.


Food and Water Watch logoFood & Water Watch
Established in 2005, Food & Water Watch is a consumer advocacy organization dedicated to keeping U.S. water and food safe and free of chemicals, hormones and bacteria. They lobby the government for tougher standards, better oversight and clearer labeling.


Food, Inc.: Logo for the Ethical ButcherThe Ethical Butcher
Berlin Reed is the butcher, chef and writer behind The Ethical Butcher. His practice is driven by personal relationships with small local farmers, a deep love of food, respect for the animals we eat and the environment on which we depend.


Food, Inc.: Food 52 LogoFood 52
Food52 is a place for cooks of all kinds. We're creating the first crowd-sourced cookbook and curated recipe database. We blog about cooking every day and offer a vetted selection of the best artisanal foods and kitchen products in the country.


Food, Inc.: Hungry in BrooklynHungry in Brooklyn
Shea Hess posts recipes and videos and throws a signature monthly dinner at her home in Brooklyn to help to create, explore and document the local, organic and sustainable food movement in her neighborhood and beyond. Check out some pictures from her potluck in our slideshow.


Food, Inc.: I am not a chef Logoiamnotachef
This is my attempt at articulating what I think and feel about food and wine. It is a blog dedicated to real food, real drinks and the people who like that kind of stuff.


Food, Inc.: Jersey is a little blog with a big appetite, and it's chowing down on the Garden State. We dish about recipes, restaurants, New Jersey-based food products and culinary events. If you love New Jersey (hey, even if you don't) you'll love Jersey Bites. We are on a personal quest for food with attitude, and we'd love for you to join us. (Check out some pictures from her potluck in our slideshow.)


Food, Inc.: John and Lisa Are Eating in South JerseyJohn and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey
A blog that focuses on all things food in South Jersey, John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey takes a look at restaurants, farms, festivals and wineries. They share their experiences and try to have some fun in doing so. There are great food things happening in South Jersey -- and John and Lisa want people to hear about them.


Food, Inc.: Photo from Last Night's DinnerLast Night's Dinner
Last Night's Dinner is a blog about what we're eating. The focus is on dinners, which are mostly cooked at home. Though we're not strict locavores, we source the majority of our fresh ingredients from local farmers and purveyors, and we try to eat seasonally.


Food, Inc.: Little Homestead in the CityLittle Homestead in the City
This is the first and most comprehensive urban homesteading blog by Jules Dervaes and family at Path to Freedom. By growing and preserving their own food, installing solar power, home-brewing biodiesel, raising backyard farm animals, and practicing back-to-basics skills, these modern-day pioneers have revived the old-fashioned spirit of self-reliance and resourcefulness.


Food, Inc.: Photo from Not Eating Out in NYNot Eating Out in New York
A blog championing cooking at home in the unlikeliest city for that. Blogger Cathy Erway, who spent two years not eating out in New York, strictly, is the author of the new memoir, The Art of Eating In: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove.


Food, Inc.: Organic TV
A web video series and daily blog exploring the American sustainable food landscape. Founders Dorothee Royal-Hedinger and Mark Andrew Boyer travel across the U.S. interviewing farmers, activists and experts behind the "good food" movement. They aim to empower consumers to make healthy choices for themselves and for the environment.


Food, Inc. - Pesticide Action NetworkPesticide Action Network (PAN)
PAN North America is a consumer advocacy group working to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. Their website includes a pesticide information database and a special feature and iPhone app called "What's on Your Food?" that helps consumers learn what pesticides may be lurking on their produce.


Food, Inc.: Simply Raw RecipesSimply Raw Recipes
I pride myself as someone who walks their talk as a living, breathing demonstration of how one can live sustainably, anywhere. On my sites I document what I'm doing -- I am growing an organic vegetable garden with little land on my Manhattan fire escape, creating raw vegan recipes and demonstrating daily actionable steps on how to be earth friendly.


Food, Inc.: Use Real Butter Photouse real butter
Food, photography, life in Colorado... it's a random walk. use real butter is a glimpse at life in the Colorado Rockies through the eyes of photographer and food blogger, Jennifer Yu, who shares musings and recipes. Check out Jen's post about the amazing potluck party she threw earlier this month!


Food, Inc.: Working Class FoodiesWorking Class Foodies
Working Class Foodies follows siblings Rebecca and Max Lando -- and their dog, Humphrey -- on their quest to find the best local and seasonal ingredients the city has to offer and turn them into delicious meals, all while keeping the budget under $8/person, the price of an average New York City lunch. Check out some pictures from their potluck in our slideshow.