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Production Credits

49 Up - Jackie, Lynn and Sue in 49 Up.

Jackie, Lynn and Sue in 49 Up.

George Jesse Turner

Nick Steer

Camera Assistants
Jason Trench
Matt Gathercole

Australia Team
Kathryn Milliss
Leo Sullivan
Emma Gillam

Bulgaria Team
Jemma Jupp
Owen Scurfield
Nic Jones

Online Editor
Ian Brown

Neil Parker

Graphic Designer
Susan Brodicoat

Dubbing Mixers
Dion Stuart
Samantha Handy

Production Co-ordinators
Helen Breslin
Jacki Turner
Cort Kristensen

Production Manager
Karen Stockton

"7 Up" Directed by
Paul Almond

"7 Up" Researched by
Michael Apted
Gordon McDougall

Executive Producer
Bill Jones

Film Editor
Kim Horton

Produced by
Claire Lewis
Michael Apted

Directed by
Michael Apted

In memory of
Tim Hewat
Founding producer of
World in Action
Who inspired "7 Up"

This program was produced by Granada Manchester which is solely responsible for its content.

© Granada Television Ltd 2005

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There aren't many pieces of work, especially in film, that have the patience or the longevity or the time to honor the drama of ordinary life; and after all, the drama of what we all have to go through — children, jobs, marriage, the things that touch us — is the big drama of life, far more so than the drama of movies and television.”

— Michael Apted

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