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How the Blind Surf the Web

JAWS: Screen reader software from Freedom Scientific that reads pages on a computer out loud. JAWS is licensed to 100,000 people world wide today in approximately two dozen languages. It is the number one screen-reading program for the visually impaired in the world, with approximately a 70 percent market share according to many independent studies.

Skip Navigation: Web developers can add a bit of code to their pages — that is only seen by screen readers — so people who don't want to hear the main navigation on every page can skip over it to the main contents of the page.

Alt Tagging: Developers can add an alternate descriptive text to graphics and photos on their site so the screen reader can read aloud what people are missing by not seeing graphics.

Buffer Mode / Virtual Buffer: JAWS puts Web pages into a buffer where the text can be read using normal reading keys because there is no visible cursor to use.

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One of the complaints that I heard constantly while I was making this film was that there are so few role models for people with disabilities in the media... The people in the film really wanted to tell their stories and I just opened the door.”

— Jamie Stobie, Filmmaker

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