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Premiere Date: September 14, 2004

The Principles of Universal Design

Toyota F1 Cars

Bruce Hannah: I think that Toyota is the first car company to create cars for every need. It has been the usual practice to adapt cars to specific users. This is an expensive and time-consuming practice. Toyota researched very small markets that other car manufacturers tend to ignore. Toyota's point of view is that they might just learn something that's useful to everyone. They added a seat that swivels, a simpler set of controls, and wider doors that open automatically. The Toyota RAUM will make many accessible features widely available. By providing products for small audiences, many manufacturers could learn something new about the needs of greater audiences. Take Alexander Graham Bell, for instance: I believe he was trying to invent a hearing aide (his father ran a school for the deaf). He succeeded marvelously, and I can now hear Japan very clearly!

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Credit: Chief Designer: Toyota; Consulting Designer: Satoshi Nakagawa

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