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Instant Gender Aptitude Quiz

Just choose the answer that most nearly matches your ideas, and by the end we should have a good idea of what we might call your "gender aptitude."

Want to give it a whirl? Come on! No one's looking over your shoulder.

1. Just why are you taking this quiz?

I'm not taking this quiz. I'm just looking through the questions.
This kind of thought-provoking discussion is extremely interesting, even though it doesn't apply to me.
I like to question things I've taken for granted. It changes how I think, and I like that.
Oh, I'm just a sucker for anything labeled "Pandora's Box."

2. How many genders do you really think there are?

Two. What a pointless question!
I'm going to guess there are several genders and two sexes.
Three? Four? Wait... five! No... six. Ummm... twelve? I don't know!
An infinite number. What a pointless question!

3. What exactly do you feel the basis of gender to be?

Genitalia, hormones, chromosomes, and brain structure. I mean, duh!
Gender may be a social construct; but it's based in, or influenced by, biology.
Gender is how we act, not what we are: we're all human, after all.
It's a lot of heretofore un-named social, biological, and psychological factors masquerading as a bi-polar system. I mean, duh!

4. Which of the following most nearly matches your own ideas about gender and sexual preference?

Birds do it, bees do it. Face it: heterosexuality is natural.
I'm straight, but sometimes I lust in my heart for... umm... other things.
Well, in theory, I imagine I could be attracted to anyone, no matter what gender they are.
Oh, come on! As long as no one's getting hurt, any pleasurable activity between any two (or more) consenting adults is just dandy.

5. How have you lived your gendered life so far?

I have been living my biological destiny.
I may have been living a biologically-destined gender, but I don't want to any more.
I've been experimenting: using bits of some genders here, and bits of other genders there.
Let's just say that in the battle of the sexes, I'm a conscientious objector.

6. Has anything you've seen or read about gender recently made you want to stretch your own gender?

No. I'm happy the way I am. Always have been, always will be.
Not really, but I might be more lenient when it comes to other people.
Yes, I might consider that... but it's a little intimidating.
Yup. Now I'm more determined than ever.

7. When you see someone on the street whose gender is unclear, how might you react?

Honestly? With some combination of revulsion, pity and bewilderment.
I try to figure out if it's a man or a woman.
I mentally give them a makeover so they can pass better as one or the other.
I probably notice they're staring at me, trying to figure out what I am!

8. Which of the following most nearly matches your definition for the word "transgender"?

It's some disorder that results in men cutting off their penises.
Being born in the wrong body, or having the wrong sex for your gender.
Changing from one gender to another, or just looking like you've done that.
Transgressing gender, breaking any rule of gender in any way at all.

9. Who gets to say exactly what gender you are?

It's not up to anyone to say. Gender is a biological fact: man or woman.
Gender may be a biological fact, but biologists are constantly refining their definitions... and that makes me nervous.
I'm thinking we're force-fed gender by a conspiracy of science, law, and the media. Oliver Stone should make a movie about this.
I do.

10. Okay, what's your gender?

Oh, please. I'm a real (man or woman).
Well, I'm a biological (man or woman).
I was afraid I'd be asked this question... I'm just not sure anymore.
Fiddle-de-dee... tomorrow is another gender.

There. That wasn't so difficult, was it? Now, let's see how you score. Yes, it's a fairly accurate quiz, but please remember: it's only an aptitude we're measuring here and, like any aptitude, with a little work you can always change it. So...

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