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Premiere Party

Host your own Girl Model Premiere Party between March 24th and April 7th for a chance to win a Party Pack!

Congratulations to the winners of the Girl Model Premiere Party Pack Giveaway:

Emily Davis (Seattle, WA) & Derek McGee (New York, NY)

Ready to host your own Girl Model Premiere Party? It’s easy—red carpet not required! Here's a guide to getting started.


  • Set a date and place — Invite as many people as you like to your home, school, community center or any location to watch Girl Model on your television or laptop. Girl Model will have its national broadcast premiere on Sunday, March 24th at 10 p.m. (check local listings). Host your party the night of the premiere or during the first two weeks that the film is streaming online.

  • Invite your guests — Use the Punchbowl invite template for an easy way to invite friends and family. Sign into Punchbowl for free and choose the Movie/TV theme to create your Premiere Party invitation—

  • Test your A/V equipment and check your local listings — Make sure your TV or computer connection works before the big bash. And check to make sure that Girl Model is airing at the right time on your PBS station by entering your zip code on POV's TV Schedule Page.

  • Watch Girl Model!

    • Talk about the film20_GirlModel.jpgEncourage your guests to share their insights and reactions. You can also give your guests a bit of context about the film (head over to the Film Description to read more about the film, and see what the filmmaker has to say).

    • One way to get a discussion going is to pose a general question such as:

    • — If you could ask anyone in the film a single question, who would you ask and what would you ask him or her?
      — What did you learn from this film? What insights did it provide?
      — Describe a moment or scene in the film that you found particularly disturbing or moving. What was it about that scene that was especially compelling for you?
    • Or try a film-specific discussion question:

    • — If a young woman you knew expressed a desire to become a model, what would you say to her? What information would be essential to helping her make a fully informed decision? Did the film influence or chancge what you would tell her?
      — What is the connection between the demand for young models and the demand for very thin models?
      — Rachel, a 23-year old model says, "The girls I see in the castings I talk to them. But who is to blame? We can't blame the girls because they are just being sent. We can't blame families because maybe they are in need. Can we blame the agency that takes them on because the client will take them? Can we blame the clients who will pretend or won't know actually how old the girls are? There is no one to blame." Who do you think should be held accountable? Consider each of the adults involved in Nadya's modeling experience in Japan (parents, scouts, modeling agency clients, Japanese government officials, consumers). What responsibility does each bear for Nadya's experience and what might they have done to make things better?

    • Take pictures— Take pictures of your party and upload them to POV’s Premiere Party Flickr group

    • Tweet, Blog, Facebook— We want to know who joined in, what you thought of the film and what you talked about. Blog about your party and send us a link, Tweet @POVengage to tell POV what you discussed, or Fan POV on Facebook and leave us a comment.

    • Take Action— Find out more about the issues and learn how you can take action.

    • Tell us about your Premiere Party for a chance to receive a POV Prize Pack— Visit the Girl Model Premiere Party Entry Page two weeks after the Sunday night premiere (the contest ends at 5 p.m. ET two weeks after the national broadcast premiere) to tell POV about your experience and to enter the giveaway.

      Make sure to leave us your email address, and you may be selected to receive a POV Party Pack!

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