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Premiere Party

Host your own Girl Model Premiere Party between March 24th and April 7th for a chance to win a Party Pack!

Host a Girl Model Premiere Party!


Congratulations to the winners of the Girl Model Premiere Party Pack Giveaway:

Emily Davis (Seattle, WA) & Derek McGee (New York, NY)

POV is inviting viewers to host "premiere parties" — large or small — to watch and discuss Girl Model with friends and family.

Invite as many people as you like to your home, school, community center or any location to watch Girl Model on your television or laptop. Girl Model will have its national broadcast premiere on Sunday, March 24th at 10 p.m.
(check local listings). Host your party the night of the premiere or during the first two weeks that the film is streaming online for free.

The entry period for the Girl Model Premiere Party Giveaway is now closed.

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