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Photos from 'Granito'

Photo Credits

  • Pamela Yates filming on "When the Mountains Tremble" in the Guatemalan highlands, 1982. (Newton Thomas Sigel and Skylight Pictures)
  • Head of the Guatemalan Armed Forces in 1982 General Benedicto Lucas Garcia shown here leading a group of helicopters as part of the Army’s scorched earth campaign in the indigenous highlands of Guatemala. (Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos)
  • The Caba family in front of their home in Ixil highlands of Guatemala. The army massacred 95 people in their village in 1982 during the genocide. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Rosa Cana in Ilóm, Guatemala. An Ixil Maya, she says red in her clothing represents the blood shed in the genocide. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Alejandra Garcia’s father disappeared when she was a year and 8 months old. She became a lawyer to avenge his forced disappearance and presumed death. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Military occupation of the Guatemalan highlands, 1982. The 1998 Truth Commission concluded that the Guatemalan Army committed genocide against the Mayan population. (Jean-Marie Simon)
  • Portrait of Nobel Peace Laureate Rigoberta Menchú Tum, the original storyteller in “When the Mountains Tremble”. Rigoberta Menchú is currently running for President of Guatemala)
  • Director Pamela Yates. (Skylight Pictures)
  • Paco de Onís. (Skylight Pictures)
  • Peter Kinoy. (Skylight Pictures)
  • Fredy Peccerelli. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Kate Doyle. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Co-Filmmakers of GRANITO and partners in Skylight Pictures. (Skylight Pictures)
  • The recently discovered Archives of the Guatemalan National Police that detail forced disappearances and murders of opponents to the military dictatorship. Over 80 million police documents were uncovered here. (Dana Lixenberg)
  • Guatemalan Army Soldiers at Finca La Perla, in the Ixil region, 1982. Many people displaced due to the scorched earth policies of the Guatemalan military, came here. (Jean-Marie Simon)

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