Quiz: Are You A Romance Novel Fan?

Image Credits:
» Shumita at the beauty salon (Julie Moggan)
» Q1. Roger in library (Julie Moggan)
» Q2. Roger working through the night -- "At night you put your characters to bed" (Julie Moggan)
» Q3. Shumita at the beauty salon (Julie Moggan)
» Q4. Dictionary (Flickr user greeblie)
» Q5. Fashion Plate (via Flickr user natalie_binder)
» Q6. Bookstore window (Flickr user brewbooks, Creative Commons License BY-SA 2.0)
» Q7. Harlequin cover shoot (Julie Moggan)
» Q8. Bedtime reading -- Phil & Shirley (Julie Moggan)
» Q9. Romance Novel U.S. Map (POV)
» Q10. Romance books and an e-reader (POV)