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POV Hackathon

POV Hackathon

POV Hackathon 5 (New York City - May 10-11, 2014) Meet the hackers »
POV Hackathon 6 (Los Angeles - May 17-18, 2014) Meet the hackers »

Participants from a previous POV Hackathon

POV Hackathon is a weekend laboratory that since 2012 has provided matchmaking and mentorship for visionary nonfiction media makers and inventive technologists as they create prototypes that re-invent the documentary for the web.

POV Hackathon 5

The Angola Project

Civil war destroyed Angola's Benguela railway, which opened the African interior to commerce in the 1920s. Now it's being rebuilt by Chinese workers. A filmmaker has traveled the route and is sharing his personal connections in an interactive documentary.


Bisbee, Arizona, was once a thriving copper-mining town. Now, its population is dwindling as its youth leave to find opportunity elsewhere. The interactive documentary Bisbee aims to use the power of digital media to encourage dialogue in the rural borderlands of the American Southwest among the people who could lead to its renewal.

Karachi Circular Railroad

This interactive documentary immerses viewers with the sights and sounds of Karachi as the government contemplates a multi-billion-dollar investment in the defunct Karachi Circular Railroad.

Living Los Sures

A web-documentary project years in the making, and an echo of a documentary produced 30 years ago, returns to POV Hackathon to develop a new interactive storytelling tool rooted in a specific geography — in this case, the Southside neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Noriginals: The Art of Uncreativity

With your every tweet, you've been contributing to what may be the world's largest documentary platform. The Noriginals app aims to show you a side of Twitter you've never seen before.

One Way Home

Since the 1990's, a grassroots charity has been reuniting Texans affected by AIDS with their families for what is often their last trip. One Way Home is a documentary game that places viewers within the AIDS epidemic though these travelers' stories.

Meet Some of the Participants from POV Hackathon 5

  • Christopher Allen is the founder and executive artistic director of the Brooklyn-based center for documentary art UnionDocs.
  • Ann Bennett is a filmmaker, writer and interactive producer exploring the nexus of history, culture and technology. She is a producer of Through a Lens Darkly, which premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
  • Brian Chirls is an online video and distribution pioneer known for a range of online innovations, first with the groundbreaking film Four Eyed Monsters, and continuing with online experiments with artists such as OK Go.
  • Amanda Hickman teaches multimedia storytelling and data visualization at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. For more than a decade, she's worked at the intersection of journalism and civic engagement at such organizations as DocumentCloud and Gotham Gazette.
  • Takaaki Okada is a creative director, consultant, photographer and film editor who has worked with organizations as varied as Pentagram, The National Film Board of Canada, Magnum Foundation, ESRI and the NHK. He was also a co-founder of Condition One.
  • Colin Rothfels is the creator of Anagramatron, a bot that retweets Twitter anagrams.
  • Jeff Soyk is the co-creator of the Peabody Award-winning interactive documentary Hollow.
  • Jeremy Xido is the director of the documentary Death Metal Angola, which has screened on every continent (including Antarctica) at festivals such as Rotterdam and DOC NYC.

POV Hackathon 6

Home Unknown

A web documentary about the surprising encounters a Filipino-American filmmaker faced while attempting to reconnect with his roots.

Problem Me

An app that uses documentary storytelling to connect people around their shared life obstacles.

Proceed In Total Darkness (working title)

An exploration of "sightless vision" as it applies to reconnaissance and extra sensory photography.

Return of the Native: Hawaii

An iPad documentary told by the locals about the restored, rarely seen native Hawaiian forests on the Big Island.

The World in Ten Blocks

A web documentary that brings to life one of the world's most diverse neighborhoods through the lens of immigrant small business owners.

Meet Some of the Participants from POV Hackathon 6

  • Stephen Dypiangco is a filmmaker and co-founder of the National Film Society, a media company whose brainy and offbeat work has been featured by PBS, The Wall Street Journal, Filmmaker Magazine, Mashable, GigaOM andIndiewire.
  • Hugh Hou is the CTO and Art Director of CreatorUp!, an e-learning platform to empower everyone to make great video content.
  • Lori Kozlowski is columnist for Forbes, covering startups, technology, entrepreneurs, and digital culture. Previously, she served as senior editor at the Los Angeles Times, where she directed mobile and emerging platforms.
  • Taylor McPartland is the co-founder and president of FilmBreak, a virtual film studio that lets film fans connect with their favorite filmmakers.
  • Rain Michaels is the principal project manager and user experience designer with The Cherry Hill Company.
  • Michael Scherotter is a San Francisco-based Media Experience Evangelist at Microsoft with a 19-year career in software development.
  • Sophia Vikland is co-founder of BackCODE, a company that develops "serious game" strategies for the classroom and employee education.

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