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Discover More: Fathers, Sons and B-Ball

Hardwood reflects powerfully on a variety of themes, including fathers and sons, interracial family relationships and basketball's life lessons. Ruminate over these topics in the writings of John Edgar Wideman and James McBride, and read the text of the letter Hubert's brother, Mawuli, shares in the film.

Hardwood - Excerpts


Color of Water The Color of Water
by James McBride

"Yet Mommy refused to acknowledge her whiteness. Why she did so was not clear, but even my teachers seemed to know she was white and I wasn't."
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Hardwood - Hoop Roots Hoop Roots
by John Edgar Wideman

"The playground game is generated by desire. The desire to play. In this sense also it's truly a player's game. It exists nowhere except where and when the players' minds and bodies construct it."
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Hardwood - Mawuli Davis "There Are Some Things I Had to
Figure Out"

by Mawuli Davis

"There are some things I had to figure out, painful. There are some things I never had to figure out, thankful..."
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