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Production Credits

Produced, Written and Directed by
Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky

Zelda Greenstein

Director of Photography
Oren Rudavsky

Concert Music by
Shlomo Carlebach

Original music score composed by
John Zorn

Martin Dornbaum

Associate Producer
Melissa Kathleen Nix

Ramon Rivera Moret
Rami Yatzkan
Sebastian Ebaspian

Sound Editing
Brian Langman

Assistant Sound Editing
Eric Strausser

Sound Mix
Reilly Steele Sound One

On-line Editing
Robert Burgos
Full Circle Post

Additional Photography
Menachem Daum
Tzvi Dovid Daum
Martin Dornbaum
Moshe Friedlander
Ramon Rivera Moret

Assistant Producers
Rochel Semp
Ari Haas
Devorah Shubowitz

Original music performed by
Marc Ribot, guitar
Kenny Wollesen, viberaphone
Trevor Dunn, bass
Cyro Baptista, percussion
Ganda Suthivarakom, voice

Shlomo Carlebach music
courtesy of The Carlebach Family

From This Day On
Written by Shlomo Carlebach
Performed by C. Lanzbom

Photographs courtesy of
Muzeum Historii Miasta w Zdunska Woli
Daum and Federman Families

Film footage courtesy of
Film Archive
Beit Lohamei Hageheataot-Ghetto Fighters Museum
Grinberg Worldwide Images
Schenectady Museum
Sheila Chamovitz
Streamline Archives
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Zbigniew Targielski
Malgorzata Czwartkiewicz

Special Thanks to:
Alan Adelson
Elzbieta Bartsch
Amy Baumrin
Dr. Michael Berenbaum
Jerzy Chrzanowski
Committee to Preserve the Zdunska Wola Jewish Cemetery
Jeanette Friedman
Rachel G. Fadlon
Pearl Gluck
Julian Gorski
Nathan Gross
Kamila Klauzinska
The Mucha family
MVP Video
Mordecai Paldiel
Avner Shalev
Sound One
Tamborelli Video
Daniel Wagner
Yad Vashem
Zdunska Wola Museum

Major funding for this program was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Additional funding was provided by
The Hartley Foundation The National Endowment for the Arts The New York State Council on the Arts The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Arnold and Gloria Kaufman and Lenny Lieberman

Produced in association with Independent Television Service. This program was produced by Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky who are solely responsible for its content.

Copyright ©2004 Oren Rudavsky and Menachem Daum. All Rights Reserved.

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