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Tiger Temple and Zola

China Digital Times: Citizen Journalist Blogger Tiger Temple
This story discusses Tiger Temple.

NBC News: Tiger Temple: China's Netizen of The People
This 2007 profile of Tiger Temple by Adrienne Mong includes links to his blog. Note: The blog is in Chinese; English speakers may want to use a program like Google Translate to access it.

New York Times: "A Long Ride Toward a New China"
This New York Times Op-Doc by filmmaker Stephen Maing expands on themes featured in High Tech, Low Life.

Zola's Blog
The blog is in Chinese and its availability on the Web is sporadic. Zola's English language blog [] is updated less frequently.

Blogging In and About China

China Blogs In English
Each of these portals is curated by an individual blogger. They provide easy, if not completely reliable, links to most available English language blogs from and about China. Additional link:

Global Voices: China
This international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world aggregates blogs from and about China.

Blogging and Citizen Journalism

In this 2006 post on the PBS MediaShift blog, Mark Glaser provides a concise overview of citizen journalism, defining terms and outlining related controversies.

Tactical Technology Collective
This European group provides toolkits to help activists use digital technologies and data to advance their causes. Of particular interest are the organization's case studies of technology-based activism:

Witness Blog
The Witness Blog features a collection of voices and perspectives on using citizen video and journalism to build human rights campaigns.

This English language portal run by the Chinese government provides officially approved news, policy statements and background information about Chinese history and culture. Also of interest is the official website of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China: Media literacy students will want to discuss why these sites are available in English and who their target audience is.

Frontline: "Young & Restless in China"
This 2008 episode of FRONTLINE follows nine young people coming of age in China. The website includes a wide range of links to background information and resources, as well as a teacher's guide.

Frontline: "The Tank Man"
This 2006 episode of FRONTLINE recounts the story of a lone man staring down a procession of tanks in Tianamen Square, Beijing in 1989. In the search for this man 20 years later, The Tank Man uncovers additional stories about the clash between China's communist government and those who advocate for a more open, democratic society.

Chinese Censorship

Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee On Human Rights and The Law: "Global Internet Freedom and the Rule of Law, Part II"
This congressional testimony on China's censorship, delivered by Internet freedom scholar Rebecca MacKinnon, includes a comprehensive set of policy recommendations addressed to U.S. companies and the U.S. government.

The Economist: "China's Internet: A Giant Cage"
This article offers insight into the role the Chinese government plays in the country's digital landscape.