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Film Discussion Guide

Download the discussion guide for the documentary In the Light of Reverence and use it for facilitating conversation about this film at home, in the classroom or at community screenings.

The guide provides tips and resources for leading discussions around the issues In the Light of Reverence raises, including the following: rights, responsibility, religion, respect, our relationship to the land, preserving cultures and protecting freedoms. The guide also offers queries for communities of faith to consider, plus ideas for taking action around the issues. Produced by the Television Race Initiative.

Download the discussion guide for In the Light of Reverence:

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Film Information

In the Light of Reverence (75 min.)

Premiere Date: August 14, 2001

Streaming Dates: Expired

Filmmakers: Christopher McLeod, Malinda Maynor Bio | Interview | Statement

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Christopher McLeod
Christopher McLeod
Malinda Maynor
Malinda Maynor

Beautifully illuminates indigenous peoples' resistance to environmental devastation and their determination to protect our common future.”

— Robert Redford


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