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Gigantic Roverine with Young All poisonous All Islands Of Universan seas and oceans. Also in Calverina Angelinia and Abbieannia.

"This is one of the more spectacular watercolor paintings of one his blengiglomeneans, a made-up word for a made-up species in a made-up tale by Henry Darger. His blengiglomeneans are these wonderfully complex creatures. In fact, in The Realms of the Unreal, all of his characters are pretty complex and compelling creatures. The blengiglomenean in this case is made up of a dragon head with dog ears, antlers on its crested head, lizard-like legs, and a rattle-like tail with butterfly wings."

About This Work
Watercolor, pencil, and carbon tracing on pieced paper (14 x 33 3/4"). American Folk Art Museum, anonymous gift 2001.16.4. © Kiyoko Lerner. Photo: James Prinz.

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