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Koshien: More About Japanese Baseball

What's it like to play in Koshien stadium? Why do all the players cry whether they win or lose? Watch video interviews with Hideki Matsui, Robert Whiting and other baseball experts to find out more about Koshien and high school baseball in Japan.

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Masayuki Tamaki, Baseball Historian

POV: Why do the players cry so much, and why do the fans cry so much?

Masayuki Tamaki: I can't help but doubt [the trueness of their] emotion. Every player cries when they lose [at Koshien], even at the first heat. I used to play sports too, so I know how great it feels to win, or how sad it feels to lose. But nobody cries that much. In any other sports, I have never seen any student players cry when they lose at the first heat in a regional tournament.

It is sort of like a group hysteria. They think they have to cry because it's become a tradition. I do not think they are crying from the bottom of their heart. Back in time, Suishu Tobita wrote: "Players that cannot even cry when they lose are not serious enough." So what players who cannot cry would do, is pretend to cry. And it became a habit. I think it's just the way it is. At high school soccer tournaments, the players may not cry when they lose. I don't think it means they have a different mentality than the baseball players do. It's just the habit that's different. And people like watching them cry. I think that's all.

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