Letters from Lockney


Larry sends an update on what's happened to the Tannahill clan since filming stopped and shares the full text of his letter to Lockney explaining why he decided to file suit against the school board. Local journalist Alice Gilroy writes about Lockney as the object of national media attention during the lawsuit. And Lockney High school art teacher Lisa Mosley shares her feelings about teaching and student behavior in the aftermath of Larry v. Lockney.

Larry Tannahill, Farmer
"Like many American citizens, I too had not thought much about the drug war until it burst into our front door..." | Read »

Alice Gilroy, Journalist
"No one, including myself, was ready for the media feeding frenzy and the scrutiny that followed..." | Read »

Lisa Mosley, Art Teacher
"We as a community and school district still do not have the ability to do what we think would help all students perform better ..." | Read »