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Deleted Scenes

Want more of The Learning? View deleted scenes from the original cut to see more of the teachers in action.

Dorotea GodinezDorotea and Nigeria
Dorotea meets with an argumentative student and her mother about classroom behavior.
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Angel and her studentsPreparing for the MSA
Angel prepares her students for a standardized test, explaining her frustrations about teaching to a test's curriculum.
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Dorotea and KeshawnaDorotea and Keshawna
Dorotea connects with a student who discovers she's pregnant.
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Rhea and her students"Can you tell the future?"
Rhea is caught off guard by a student's prediction of a future career.
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While I was born and raised in the Philippines, I’ve lived my entire adult life in the United States. I’m both an insider and an outsider, which allows me to have a distinct point of view.”

— Ramona Diaz, Filmmaker

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