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Filmmaker Interviews

Eric Daniel Metzgar talks about filming his friend Jason Crigler for Life. Support. Music.

Classroom Clips

Jason Crigler is shown playing music and recovering two years after his brain hemorrhage.

Classroom Clips

Monica Crigler describes the early days of her husband Jason's recovery from a stroke.

Classroom Clips

Jason Crigler, a 34-year-old guitarist, experiences a medical emergency.

Additional Video

Jason, Monica and the rest of the Crigler family give an update about what they've been up to since filming ended.

Additional Video

Jason Crigler and his sister Marjorie give a presentation on his injury and recovery.


When musician Jason Crigler suffered a near-fata brain hemorrhage, his doctors doubted he would ever wake up. This is a document of the astonishing journey that followed.

  • Updated on March 25, 2015

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Film Information

Life. Support. Music. (90 min.)

Premiere Date: July 7, 2009

Photos: Download Here

Trailer: Link | Embed

Filmmaker: Eric Daniel Metzgar Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: Filmmaker Statement | Critical Acclaim | Press Release


Eric Daniel Metzgar
Eric Daniel Metzgar

[W]hen the Criglers asked if I would consider making a documentary about the whole saga, I knew their beautiful optimism amid the heaps of suffering would be the story. Of course, I underestimated the entire thing.”

— Eric Daniel Metzgar, Filmmaker


Film Update

Critical Acclaim

If you’re looking for a megadose of inspiration, Jason Crigler may be your man... His unbelievable recovery is chronicled in Life. Support. Music.... Heartrending.”

— David Shiflett,
Bloomberg News

Transcends one's perceptions of medicine, music and even miracles.”

— AJ Schack,

An incredibly moving documentary. Director Eric Daniel Metzgar . . . shows just how powerful love, family and music can become during life’s greatest challenges. I watched the doc last weekend, and I won’t forget it for a long time.”

— Robert Bianco,
USA Today

Jason Crigler's career as a rising musician was changed in an instant when he suffered a brain hemorrhage. His friend, Eric Daniel Metzgar, directed a documentary about Crigler's struggle back into the spotlight.”

— CBS News

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