Directed, produced, photographed, edited, written and narrated by
Eric Daniel Metzgar

Original music by
Eric Liebman

Rehabilitation footage filmed and provided by
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Archival home and concert footage filmed and provided by
Lou Cohen
Anthony Pepitone
the Criglers
Rachel Loshak

Robert DiPietro

Final concert

Robert Greene
Sean Williams
Craig Schneider
Jesse Ash
Eric Daniel Metzgar

Engineered by
Darren Hallinan

Mixed by
Pete Keppler

Logged by
Ned Martin

Irving Plaza benefit concert photographs shot and provided by
Todd Chalfant

Voice-over engineers
Noe Venable Eric Liebman

Special thanks

This film is dedicated to Jason, his family and everyone who helped along the way.

Noe Venable
Charles and Sally Metzgar
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Dr. Christopher Carter
Dr. Heechin Chae
Dr. Prithvi Narayan
Dr. David Hunter
Anne O'Brien
Prima Valera
Lisa Duncombe
Lisa Beitman
Varsha Desai
Indra Mohindra
Margaret McCabe
Kelly Belinsky
McKenzie Ridings
Tim Sullivan
Marilyn Spivack
Trisha Meili
Teddy Thompson
Marshall Crenshaw
Norah Jones
Dan Rieser
Paul Bryan
John Mettam
Laura Cromwell
Sandy Bell
Martha Wainwright
Tony Scherr
Neal Casal
Holly Palmer
Jennifer Gilson
Rachel Loshak
Jennifer Jackson
Sarah Snow
Amy Correia
Cynthia Hopkins
Michelle Casillas
Peter Salett
Tony Mason
Brian Fulk
Jeff Hill
Chris Cunningham
Kenny White
Alice Bierhorst
The Living Room
Morgan Taylor
Rich Schlansker
Rob Jost
Dan Stein
Brad Albetta
Monkey Boy Studios
Fred Siegal
Stu Berk
Jana Dublin
the students at the Ivy Street School
Rod Alonzo
Beth Israel Hospital
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Kristina Martin
Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Through Tomorrow composed by Jason Crigler and sung by Teddy Thompson
©2007 Jason Crigler. Uncle Goudez Music, BMI

The Books on the Shelf written and performed by Jason Crigler. ©2008 Uncle Goudez Music, BMI

This program was produced by Merigold Moving Pictures, which is solely responsible for its content.

©2008 Merigold Moving Pictures, LLC.