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Marlo Poras

Maria PorasBorn on a U.S. army base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky during the Vietnam War, Marlo Poras spent the majority of her childhood in Framingham, Massachusetts, where she currently resides. After receiving her BA from Washington University (in St. Louis), Marlo Poras worked as an apprentice to Thelma Schoonmaker at Martin Scorsese's Cappa Productions and was an apprentice and assistant editor on independent films such as Greg Mottola's Daytrippers and Alison Anders' Grace Of My Heart. She was living in Hanoi, producing teen-oriented AIDS education films for UNICEF and the Population Council, when she was inspired to make Mai's America.

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The exchange program that placed Mai brings over 500 kids annually from around the world. Their diverse introductions to the States made me think a great deal about how we define America. ”

— Marlo Poras, Filmmaker

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