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Production Journal

Laura Poitras takes viewers behind the scenes to learn more about the circumstances that led her to capture some of the pivotal scenes in My Country, My Country, including her first meeting with Dr. Riyadh at Abu Ghraib, her access in the Green Zone, what it was like to travel around Baghdad alone and her recent experiences traveling in the United States after showing the film abroad.

Coming Home

People often ask me what was the hardest part of making the film. They expect me to answer something about working in Iraq — the danger, the kidnappings, working alone, etc. But the hardest part has been coming home. Coming home to a country where Iraq is nothing more than an ideological ping-pong as the death toll continues to mount in the background. Coming home to a country where the lack of political courage among our leaders — in both parties — borders on the criminal while we continue to talk about spreading democracy to the rest of the world. Coming home and being asked over and over and over what could stop the violence in Iraq and fearing it is too late.

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