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My Perestroika

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PBS Premiere: June 28, 2011


My Perestroika is an intimate look at the last generation of Soviet children. Five classmates go from living sheltered childhoods to experiencing the hopes of Gorbachev’s reforms and the confusion of the USSR’s dissolution, to searching for their places in today’s Moscow. With candor and humor, the punk rocker, single mother, entrepreneur and married teachers paint a picture of the challenges, dreams and disappointments of those raised behind the Iron Curtain. Through first-person testimony, vérité footage and vintage home movies, this beautifully crafted documentary reveals a Russia rarely seen on film. A co-production of Red Square Productions/Bungalow Town Productions and ITVS International in association with American Documentary | POV. (90 minutes)

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TAGS: 1980s, 1990s, berlin wall, boris yeltsin, cold war, communism, gorbachev, iron curtain, moscow, perestroika, russia, soviet union, ussr, yeltsin

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Film Information

My Perestroika (90 min.)

Premiere Date: June 28, 2011

Streaming Dates: Expired

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Filmmaker: Robin Hessman Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: POV Wins Peabody Award for My Perestroika | Press Release | Critical Acclaim | Fact Sheet | Economist Film Project Selection

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Robin Hessman
Robin Hessman

My Perestroika gives you a privileged sense of learning the history of a place not from a book but from the people who lived it. Watching it is a little like attending a party in an unfamiliar city and discovering the place's secrets from the guests.”

— Stephen Holden,
The New York Times


Film Update

Critical Acclaim

…playful, insightful, hypnotic, and, ultimately, superb.”

— Bilge Ebiri,
New York Magazine

Это удивительно точное погружение в нашу жизнь — без пафоса, но и без цинизма, с сочувствием, острым юмором, но без яда”

— Andrei Plakhov,

…profoundly insightful and overall stupendous …. My Perestroika must be considered one of the year’s best documentaries.”

— Stewart Nusbaumer,
The Huffington Post

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